2019 Festival: Class Winners

Class 201: String solo, 15 minute recital

Winner of Winifred Gavine medal: Shakira Segalla-Humbert
2nd place: Matilda Sacco and Layla Ballard
Highly commended: Oceane Taneus-Miller and Jakub Zalewski
Commended: Momo Ueda

Class 253: Guitar solo, level 2, under 18

1st place: Callum Young
Highly Commended: Jake Lazell, Holly Kenn, Matthew Johnston, Kirsty Shanks and Amy Morrison

Class 263: Guitar Ensembles, under 18

Winner: Mango

Class 302: Piano solo 10 minute recital, under 18

Winner of the Edna Lovell Medal : Risako Takamura
2nd place : Rory Kemp
Highly commended : Chiara Lordi

Class 304: Piano solo 5 minute recital, levels 1-2

Winner of The Mary Moore medal: Claudia Acuvedo
2nd place: Lara Iona Johnston
3rd place: Katherine Gunn
Highly Commended: Katie Heron and Alice Ruuskanen

Class 311: Piano solo, level 2

Winner - Katie Heron
2nd place - Daniel Cairney
3rd place - Laura Taylor
Highly commended: Olivia Zhang and Emily Thomson

Class 312: Piano, level 1

Winner: Alice Maclennan
2nd place: Alfie Primrose
3rd place: Klara Hinze