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New for the 2017 Festival – Online Entry!

The 2017 Festival will be held from Tuesday 28 February to Sunday 12 March, with the preliminary round of the Concerto Class being held on 27 and 28 January. The Closing Date for entries is Wednesday 30 November 2016. Late entries will not be accepted other than in exceptional circumstances.

This year, for the first time, you can make your entries online. It should be quick and easy, and you will receive confirmation of your entries by email, and later - once entries are all in - a timetable giving the date, time and venue for each entry.

We advise you first to study the Syllabus – at the separate page on this website or in paper version (available from Rae Macintosh Music and other outlets) – and then click on the following link to the RunMyFestival website where, after registering, you will receive further instructions.

RunMyFestival is a tried and tested Festival IT system already in use at a number of other festivals. If, however, you have difficulties in making entries please contact our Entries Secretary, Caroline Higgitt, on 0131 556 4979 or caroline.higgitt@gmail.com.

The alternative, of sending your entries by post, is still available and the entry forms are below. Our Entries Secretary will input your entries to the RunMyFestival system and you will receive confirmation and timetable by email or, if you request it, by post. Please note that there is a separate form for entry to the Concerto Class.

Please let us know at the email address given in the Contacts page if you have difficulty in viewing a copy of the Syllabus or in securing an entry form.

About our Festivals

We run an annual festival which provides an opportunity for amateur musicians of all ages to perform their pieces in a friendly environment and, along with other performers of a similar ability, receive constructive feedback and advice from a specialist adjudicator.

Our programme of competitive and non-competitive classes allows performers of all abilities to take part. There are classes in a wide range of instruments, or combinations of instruments, as well as for singers. Full details are contained in our annual Syllabus, accessible on this website.

If you have participated in our festival before and benefitted from it, please tell your friends and encourage them to participate too. Newcomers are very welcome. More generally, if you have any comments or suggestions about our festival, we would like to hear them: please email us at email@ecfest.org.uk.

We now also have a Facebook page.

Photo of one of our venues, Stockbridge Parish Church


We are affiliated to the British & International Federation of Festivals, an organisation which represents the interests of the Amateur Festival Movement. To find out more about the Federation, visit their website.

Your feedback is welcome

The Festival website is under review. It aims to provide essential information about our festivals and how and when to take part in them. If you have suggestions for other information which would be helpful to have available online, or have a comment on the current pages, please Contact us.